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Bathroom Carpets

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Bathroom carpets usually come with a specialised backing that is water proof, these carpets are soft underfoot and are easy to clean.

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There are 167 carpets to choose from:

Many people use all sorts of carpet in bathrooms without any issue and you could select any of our carpets on this website and not have any problems at all but hessian backed carpets run the risk of absorbing moisture and then leading them to break down and eventually start to smell or rot.  This is obviously depends on the ammount of water or moisture that comes into contact wit the carpet and is reduced witht he use of a quality bath mat.

Most carpet tiles such as Heuga Le Bistro can alos be used in bathrooms as they have a bitumen based backing that stops water ingress through the backing.

Our bathroom carpets are usually available for delivery in approximately 3 working days and we can specify which day your new flooring will be delivered.  

For our softest bathroom carpet please have a look at the Carousel range that has a fantastic range of colours available.